Our Services

jewelry repair servicesAt Boston Bijoux, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your jewelry needs. Here are just a few of the many things we would be so happy to do for you:

  • Jewelry repair and restoration
  • Custom jewelry designing in most precious metals
  • Jewelry cleaning and overhaul
  • Watch repair service and battery replacement
  • Ring sizing and prong work
  • Polishing, soldering, rhodium plating
  • Diamond and gemstone setting
  • CAD design & 3D printing
  • Wax carving, molding and casting
  • Laser welding and repair
  • Pearl stringing
  • Laser engraving on most metals
  • Jewelry Insurance appraisals and replacements

 jewelry repair and gold buying

We also buy Gold and Diamonds. With the gold prices at near all time highs, this may be the best time to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash. Please note, we are required to report all buying transactions to the police. A valid government issued photo ID is required to sell your jewelry. You must be the legal owner of the items you're trying to sell. Prior to issuing a check for your items, it is also a requirement for us to take a photo of you, to be kept on file along with the picture of the items you've sold. 

Simply drop off your jewelry with us so we can examine and test all pieces to determine quality and condition as well as any special attributes which may increase the offer and net you above scrap value. Prior to taking your items in, we will document the items, take pictures and give you a claim check, then within a few days, if we're interested in buying the item you're selling, we'll call you with an Offer to Purchase. You then decide whether you'd like to sell or not.

The offers are based on the current gold and diamond market value, the desirability/demand and the condition of the item. Our offers are usually higher than the competition because we pay more for items we are able to overhaul or repair/restore and resell in our estate jewelry showcases.